“Farmers are gardeners too, they just use bigger equipment!”

Gardeners and farmers have a lot in common! You get to grow stuff. You get dirt under your fingernails. You learn what it takes to make things survive in the heat, rain and cold. And you learn about the bugs and other things that can take a liking to what you’re growing, testing your patience, sparking your ingenuity and giving you a new appreciation for where food really comes from (hint: it’s not the refrigerator!).

But that’s not all. Farmers and gardeners also share an intense appreciation and satisfaction in hard work yielding a bountiful crop – and doing so as a family!

As Iowans increasingly become interested in all things food and farming, Earl May Nursery & Garden Center and the Iowa Food & Family Project are encouraging more conversation about the topics we care about – and having fun (and winning cool prizes!) as we do.

“Let’s Grow Together” encourages Iowans to take try their hand at food and flower gardening (or to spruce up an existing project) while learning first-hand the many similarities gardening has with farming! It’s a year-long journey so check in often to see what’s growing in Iowa’s backyards and farm fields – and for tips on making the most of your own gardening experience!