Dane Lang

About Dane Lang

Dane is a fifth-generation dairy farmer in Poweshiek County, outside of Brooklyn. He owns and operates Yarrabee Farms alongside three generations of Lang family members, including his grandfather, father, uncle and brother.

Yarrabee Farms milks nearly 650 dairy cows three times a day using modern milking technology. Once a cow is milked, the milk is transported to a separate room with a 4,000 gallon and a 2,000-gallon tank that is cooled from approximately 101 degrees to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. A sample from each tank is tested for bacteria and antibiotics before it is distributed for further processing.

“Since I started running the farm eight years ago, I’ve seen a pretty big shift from state and federal regulations dictating how we do things, to consumers dictating how we do things,” says Dane Lang during Expedition Farm Country 2017, when 40 Iowans visited the Yarrabee farms. Learn more about the farm visit.

Beyond the dairy operation, the Langs farm 1,250 acres of corn, soybeans, alfalfa and cover crops.