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Friends inspire lively conversation. Their stories provide new perspectives that can inspire or challenge your way of thinking. Friends are the first people you call when you've had a good day, or maybe a not-so-good day. They are the foundation of everyday celebrations and life’s biggest milestones. As they say, friends quickly become the family you choose.

Our Friends

We believe in bringing our friends together to have some fun and help us talk about food, farming and healthy living. Our friends are a diverse group of food bloggers, health experts, farmers and business leaders who come together through the Iowa Food & Family Project to share, celebrate and learn.

Beyond our friends and partners, we are proud to be a presenting sponsor of Live Healthy Iowa. 

Our Partners

The Iowa Food & Family Project is proud to be made up of a variety of agricultural organizations, restaurants and food retailers. Here is a roundup of project partners who make up our diverse family.

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