The Iowa Food & Family Project invites you to join us for some straight talk about food. We’ll explore how food is grown around the state and meet the people who make it happen 365 days a year. We’re fortunate to have so many choices and deserve to feel confident knowing our food is safe, affordable and delicious! 

Have a question about food or agriculture? We can get it answered by a local farmer or dietitian. Looking for dinner ideas? Flip through our recipe box and e-cookbook. Not sure what cut of meat makes the best pot roast? We’ve got you covered. We recommend bottom round, rump or shoulder roast, by the way! Let’s dig in!

Our Partners

We learned at a pretty young age that things are easier when you work together…and more fun, too! The Iowa Food & Family Project is proud to be made up of a variety of agricultural organizations, non-profit groups, restaurants, grocery stores and more. Our common goal is to connect you with the Iowa farmers who grow crops and livestock that help feed people around the world! We’re also proud to be presenting sponsor of Live Healthy Iowa because we know healthy activities start with healthy food and healthy food starts on the farm.

Here’s a roundup of project partners who make up our diverse family.