Expedition Farm Country

Where forks and farming meet.

Expedition Farm Country gives Iowans a firsthand look at how food is grown and raised. The annual two-day event invites 50 participants to tour farms, meet farm families and have honest conversations about modern agriculture. Plus, the trip showcases local eateries, historic sites and the best of rural living along the way!

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Event Photos 

Highlights from Expedition Farm Country 2019

The fifth-annual expedition introduced 40 Iowans to northwestern Iowa! The two-day trip launched out of Fort Dodge with visits to family-owned soybean, corn, pork, dairy and beef farms. Beyond the farm, participants enjoyed a visit to Cookies Food Products in Wall Lake and the Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend. See each stop on the farm-to-fork experience here.

Highlights from Expedition Farm Country 2018

Fifty food-minded consumers hopped aboard a bus through northeast Iowa to take a deep dive into modern agriculture. The tour allowed participants to interact directly with farm families to learn about food production firsthand. The fourth-annual event included a tour of dairy, soybean, corn, beef cattle and pig farms, as well as Lock & Dam No. 11 in Dubuque. Learn about each stop here.

Highlights from Expedition Farm Country - 2017

Participants enjoyed a two-day excursion to southeast Iowa, highlighting historic sights, eateries and farms. Participants explored family-owned soybean, corn, turkey, dairy and pork operations, and had lively discussions on animal welfare and environmentally friendly agriculture practices.

Participant Reviews

“Expedition Farm Country provides an excellent opportunity to explore Iowa in a unique way that immerses you in agriculture. You witness firsthand the farming lifestyle passed on from generation to generation and how the land, resources and animals are cared for so attentively and passionately. Each farmers' approach to providing healthy and safe products for consumers is apparent.” - Kimberly Dibble, Expedition Farm Country 2018 participant

"Anyone, no matter what profession or field they’re in, could all benefit from participating in the expedition tours. I really enjoyed it and it was eye-opening for me as a ‘city girl’ to learn about the technology, hard work and care involved in raising our food." - Bobbi Roberts, Expedition Farm Country 2017 participant

"There’s so much we take for granted with our food. The next time I’m at a grocery store picking up a package of turkey, I’m going to have a very different perspective. As director of Live Healthy Iowa, I want to provide a level of awareness and understanding to what really goes on with our food. I can bring it to the public to encourage them to learn, get involved and take advantage of opportunities like this." - Dr. Amy Michelle Willcockson, director of Live Healthy Iowa and Expedition Farm Country 2017 participant