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Celebrating farm families, uniting rural and urban communities and providing the information and experiences you need to make informed food choices.

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Food provides the nutrition we need to take on the day. Best of all, food brings families and friends together.

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77%+ of consumers are favorable toward Iowa farmers and their on-farm practices.
83% of respondents agree that farmers produce safe, quality foods.
51%+ of respondents were optimistic about the future of Iowa agriculture.
Top 3 most important food purchasing factors for consumers are food quality, price and nutritional value.

Latest Blog Stories

Survey Says: Consumers Value Transparency, Care About Food Choices The importance of transparency and forming connections to consumers’ personal lives were trends seen in the latest Consumer Pulse Survey. Learn how Iowa consumers feel about farmers, agriculture practices, food purchasing and more.
Cultivating Ag Connections Agricultural education prepares youth for careers in food, agriculture and natural resource systems. Learn how Central Decatur Community School District students are taking the farm-to-school movement to the next level.
From Brazil to Iowa: A Culinary Odyssey Exuding the quaint charm of European sidewalk cafes, Café Beaudelaire provides more than fresh, delicious, unique cuisine. It offers a welcoming atmosphere for Ames residents seeking an international experience.
Spring Forward with 6 New Recipes to Awaken Your Palate As the days warm and flowers bloom, we crave a sense of newness and novelty. These recipes feature noteworthy ingredients that focus on freshness and flavor while complementing the favorites that grace our plates no matter what time of year.
Women – They Truly are Their Own Breed Women have been the backbone of America for many years, whether they have received recognition or not. So, this International Women’s Day, let’s recognize those characteristics that truly make women rock stars.
From Moo to Me In every glass of milk, there's a complex journey from cow to cup involving meticulous steps and an uncompromising commitment to safety.  Go behind the scenes of milk’s pasteurization process and learn about the steps Iowa dairy farmers take to deliver a wholesome product and ensure safety in every sip.
Delivering a Gift of Hope Meals from the Heartland has grown from a local church event to a global anti-hunger initiative. Since 2008, thousands of volunteers and donors from businesses, schools, churches and the community have rallied around the West Des Moines organization. Learn about their recipe for success in bringing food to those in need both locally and globally.
Milk & Honey: Harlan’s Sweet Spot for Brunch When one of their favorite breakfast spots in Harlan closed, Ellen Walsh-Rosmann and Daniel Rosmann felt compelled to fill the gap. Find out how this busy, entrepreneurial farm family brings high-quality, locally produced comfort food to their hometown.

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Fun Ag Facts

Did you know most soybeans grown in Iowa are processed into feed for livestock like pigs, poultry and dairy cows?

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