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77%+ of consumers are favorable toward Iowa farmers and their on-farm practices.
83% of respondents agree that farmers produce safe, quality foods.
51%+ of respondents were optimistic about the future of Iowa agriculture.
Top 3 most important food purchasing factors for consumers are food quality, price and nutritional value.

Latest Blog Stories

Summertime And The Grilling Is Easy Iowans know that when the weather warms, maximizing time outside is crucial. That extends to cooking, too! Maximize the warm weather and longer days by preparing meals outdoors with these tasty, unique recipes that are perfect for the grill.
Perennial Perseverance Meredith Nunnikhoven runs Barnswallow Flowers in Oskaloosa, where she grows chemical-free, in-demand and locally grown flowers for all to enjoy and learn about conservation practices. 
Big Iowa BBQ: Bringing a Taste of Iowa to Tokyo Big Iowa BBQ offers a menu that’s both an homage to Iowa’s distinctive barbecue traditions and a celebration of Tokyo’s vibrant food scene.
Farm to Town, Life Retold The Heartland Museum in Clarion prioritizes preserving the history of farming, the local history of the city of Clarion, Wright County, and more. There is something for everyone to enjoy at Clarion’s hidden gem, from tractors and buggies to exploring streetscapes of yesteryear.
Rebuilding the Prairie That Built Iowa’s Soil A hundred years ago, Iowa was part of one of the largest ecosystems in the world, a prairie that hosted a diversity of life on par with a rainforest. Today, only one-tenth of one percent of the original prairie remains. Find out how the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge is rebuilding tallgrass prairie on former farm fields to benefit agriculture, animals and Iowans.
7 Ultimate BBQ Side Dishes Warm-weather gatherings and backyard barbecues are synonymous with good times and great food. While the main event often steals the spotlight, it's the delectable side dishes that truly elevate the dining experience. We’ve compiled seven flavor-packed side dish recipes perfect for complementing Iowa-raised grilled meats.
A Classroom Café and Culinary Competition Hampton-Dumont High School serves fine dining experiences for patrons and students alike. Find out why the school’s award-winning culinary and restaurant management program has become a point of pride in the community.
I Spy: Spring Planting Edition Iowa farmers use a variety of equipment to ensure a safe and successful planting season each spring. Explore the many tools farmers use and see if you can spot them “in action” on your next road trip.

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Did you know most soybeans grown in Iowa are processed into feed for livestock like pigs, poultry and dairy cows?

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