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Iowa Food & Family Project

Celebrating farm families, uniting rural and urban communities and providing the information and experiences you need to make informed food choices.

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Fresh Pickings Magazine

Dive into the delights of the season with the latest issue, a celebration of the food, farms and communities that make Iowa a special place to live. Explore how food is grown, raised and enjoyed around the state and meet the farmers who make it happen – 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Farm-Fresh Recipes

Food provides the nutrition we need to take on the day. Best of all, food brings families and friends together.

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Feast your eyes on new recipes, food features and farm stories.

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86% of Iowans trust Iowa farmers to provide safe, quality food to distributors and communities they serve.
1 in 2 consumers indicate that sustainability is important to them and their household when grocery shopping.
94% of Iowa consumers believe that farmers are on the right track in providing safe foods, using innovative technology and building strong communities.
Top 3 decision making factors for consumers when grocery shopping are food quality, price of food and food safety.

Latest Blog Stories

Holiday Showstopper: Prime Rib ​ ​For a spectacular holiday meal, consider prime rib. Take out the intimidation for cooking this delicious cut of meat with tips from the Iowa Beef Industry Council. Plus, they share an indulgent recipe.
Lighting the Way Mt. Pleasant Festival of Lights is southeast Iowa’s largest drive-through holiday light park, providing spectacular entertainment for wide-eyed visitors of all ages.
Making a Difference with Meals that Matter Prioritizing nutrition is always important and even more so when faced with a health challenge. Learn about an inspiring meal program created by the team at John Stoddard Cancer Center in Des Moines.
Retro Rural Toys: Handmade Barns Make Family Heirlooms Designing authentic toy barns that capture a child’s imagination requires John Kauffman to think like a kid when building each structure. Kauffman has earned a reputation by many as the best wooden toy barn builder in the U.S.
Unwrap 12 New Recipes this Holiday Season In the St. Nick of time for holidays, these 12 recipes celebrate Iowa’s wholesome proteins and are sure to dazzle and delight family and friends.
Turkey Talk: Preparing the Perfect Feast As you plan to gather with family at Thanksgiving and celebrate blessings from the past year, here is what you need to know about purchasing and preparing your turkey for the big meal.
A Buffet of Thanksgiving Recipes Just in time for Thanksgiving, we’ve pulled together a buffet of irresistible recipes to satisfy hearty appetites. These dishes are perfect complements to turkey or delicious appetizers to enjoy before the star of the show graces tables.
Memories and Gratitude fill Holiday Traditions Traditions are what holiday memories are made of and stand the test of time. They connect one generation to the next to keep memories alive for decades. Discover the traditions of many Iowa Food & Family Project partners and their favorite recipes.

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Fun Ag Facts

Did you know most soybeans grown in Iowa are processed into feed for livestock like pigs, poultry and dairy cows?

Download this free booklet for more facts about Iowa agriculture.

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