A Match Made in Heaven? No, in Iowa.

By April Pearson

Connecting rural and urban communities. Embracing hard work, loyalty and humility. Celebrating the American farmer. These are the qualities Country Cool strives to observe every day. As it turns out, so does the Iowa Food & Family Project (Iowa FFP). That’s why Country Cool is pleased to announce it will donate 1.3% of every purchase to Iowa FFP — its new mission partner.

What’s the significance of 1.3%? According to the USDA Economic Research Service, on-the-farm jobs account for 1.3% of all U.S. employment. Country Cool is donating 1.3% to Iowa FFP in honor of those American farmers.

“We couldn’t be happier to be Country Cool’s mission partner,” says Lydia Zerby, who leads the work of Iowa FFP. “What they’re doing to raise awareness about food, farming and families will go a long way to help support our efforts. It’s a great match for both of us.”  

Two Organizations. One Mission.

Apparel and lifestyle brand Country Cool was founded in 2022 by Kimberly and Mark Rogers to help connect generations that are now once or twice removed back to the farm. With the same purpose and passion the couple dedicates to caring for their soybeans and corn, Country Cool is committed to strengthening the bond between growers and consumers, upholding a heritage of hometown values, and honoring those who honor the land.

Similarly, Iowa FFP provides the experiences consumers need to make informed food choices. Partnering with more than 35 food, farming, agriculture and healthy living organizations, it connects directly with consumers at many of Iowa’s key food and agricultural outreach events. Iowa FFP also offers fun and interactive engagement programs for those who want to go deeper — whether it’s visiting farms, growing their own food, reading its latest blogs or volunteering at its events. Iowa FFP is all about celebrating farm families, uniting rural and urban communities, and taking pride in Iowa’s homegrown foods and hometown values.

“When we decided to take on a mission partner, we knew we wanted to give back to an organization that’s dedicated to engaging with those who are becoming more and more distanced from the countryside,” says Kimberly. “Iowa Food & Family Project aligns perfectly with what we’re passionate about and constantly working toward.” 


Know Farmers. Know Food.

To kick off this exciting new partnership, Country Cool and Iowa FFP are launching a new campaign: “Know Farmers. Know Food.” To know farmers and food is to understand the connection between what consumers eat and the hardworking individuals and families who produce it. Spoken aloud, the campaign line also sounds like, “no farmers, no food,” meaning that without farmers, there would be no food to sustain local and global communities.

“It really speaks to the work Country Cool and Iowa FFP are doing,” says Mark. “A huge part of our mission is raising awareness, and this campaign is going to help with that. We’re excited to co-produce a Know Farmers. Know Food. shirt this fall, further strengthening the connection between growers and consumers and deepening everyone's appreciation for agricultural professionals.”


Elevate Your Look. Elevate Your Influence.

Country Cool offers stylish clothes and durable gear, effortlessly blending fashion and functionality. From lightweight, extra-soft cotton-blend tees to trendy, relaxed-fit joggers; from shady baseball caps to cozy stocking hats; and from cute clothes for kids to great big growlers for grownups — Country Cool merch is simple, classic and meant to last. It’s great for exploring the outdoors, hitting up a concert or just sipping coffee on the back porch.

But it’s not just about looking good — it’s about doing good, too. When you purchase Country Cool clothes and accessories, you’re supporting the work of farmers — 1.3% of your sale will go directly to Iowa FFP.

Make a statement and make an impact at CountryCool.com.