Destination Iowa: Wilbur on the Water

Some things just go together, like peanut butter and jelly or good food and the great outdoors. Picnic weather is finally here, and for Kaitlin Little, this means new culinary adventures.

Little, who is an engagement manager with the Iowa Agricultural Water Alliance, recently embarked on her journey to travel the Iowa Pork Producers Association’s Tenderloin Trail. The trail is a handy map that marks the best spots in the state to enjoy an iconic breaded pork tenderloin. When she visited PrairieMoon on Main in Prairieburg to try their award-winning sandwich, she knew she wanted to find a great spot to take in the sun and enjoy her sandwich. The restaurant, located about 30 miles northeast of Cedar Rapids was crowned as home of Iowa’s Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin for 2019

A quick search online revealed Pinicon Ridge, a local park, was just 12 minutes down the road.

Discovering the park was a gorgeous addition to her road trip, and she found herself wondering if she could add some recreation to every stop on the Tenderloin Trail. With a little research, she found there were many parks she could explore and has made a companion guide to the Tenderloin Trail.

Enjoy this guide as you tackle Iowa’s Tenderloin Trail for yourself, and enjoy Iowa’s beautiful scenery along the way!

Download a PDF of the guide.