Fuel Your Fall with 7 Flavorful Breakfast Recipes

By Haley Banwart

Between the chaos of school drop-offs, early meetings and household tasks put off from the night before, it’s no wonder many people fast forward through their mornings, missing out on the most important meal of the day.

But with the changing seasons signaling new school and work routines, there’s no better time to reprioritize your morning meal than in September during National Breakfast Month. 

Fall reminds us to slow down and make space for nourishment and restoration. Treating yourself to a nutritious breakfast is a great way to adopt healthy eating habits and fit in essential daily nutrients to power yourself through the day.

Start your morning with a variety of satisfying breakfast options featuring primary proteins and fresh ingredients brought to you by Iowa farmers.

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Photo Credit: Iowa Egg Council

Gyeran-Mari (Korean Rolled Omelet) | Iowa Egg Council

Eggs are the unsung heroes of the breakfast table, providing an affordable and quick-to-cook option for early mealtimes. As an "eggcellent" source of essential vitamins and minerals — a large egg has 6 grams of high-quality protein — eggs can help you maintain a well-balanced diet and keep you feeling full until lunchtime. The next time you need a fast and easy fix for your morning routine, reach for this protein-packed omelet recipe to refuel your brain and body for the day. Find the recipe here.

Bitesize Breakfast Trivia: Iowa leads the nation in egg production and is home to approximately 45 million laying hens that produce around 15 billion eggs annually.


Photo Credit:Midwest Dairy

Fruit Salsa Yogurt Parfait | Midwest Dairy

It’s a parfait party! Mix up your morning by pairing delicious fruits with your favorite vanilla yogurt for a light and refreshing breakfast treat. As the foundation of any good parfait, yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, protein and probiotics to support digestive health and a strong immune system. Layer in a bright and colorful blend of chopped peaches, pineapple, kiwi and strawberries, stir in brown sugar and spices, and enjoy in a dessert glass or on the go. Find the recipe here.

Bitesize Breakfast Trivia: Did you know yogurt and other dairy products are natural sources of immune-boosting nutrients like zinc? Plus, dairy foods can help you fuel up without the caffeine crash.


Photo Credit: Iowa Beef Council

Breakfast Steak Pizza | Iowa Beef Council

Pizza isn’t just for Friday nights; it’s also a fun and easy breakfast item to share with family. Make things simple by starting with a pre-baked pizza crust. Then, pop blended eggs and milk in the microwave to create a fluffy base. Top with strips of fully cooked grilled steak, add shredded cheese and heat in the oven. Starting the day with something substantial will give your family members the strength they need to conquer the day’s activities. Find the recipe here.

Bitesize Breakfast Trivia: Beef offers 10 essential nutrients to support healthy lifestyles and help families thrive.


Photo Credit: Iowa Pork Producers Association

Breakfast Egg Rolls | Iowa Pork Producers Association

Spice up your morning routine with a pork-inspired breakfast egg roll you can customize with your choice of bacon, sausage or even diced ham. Another option is to combine any of these proteins for an extra flavor punch. To save time, prepare the filling in advance and keep it refrigerated until you’re ready to form and fry the egg rolls. Instead of reaching for that same old protein bar, switch things up with this hot and ready dish. Find the recipe here.

Bitesize Breakfast Trivia: The next time you enjoy your side of bacon, sausage or breakfast ham, thank an Iowa pig farmer. Iowa is the No. 1 pork-producing state responsible for raising nearly one-third of the nation’s hogs.


Apple Cinnamon Soy Crepe | The Soyfoods Council

Delight in the flavors of fall with a warm crepe featuring sautéed Granny Smith apples sprinkled with brown sugar and ground cinnamon. You’ll enjoy perfecting the rolling, folding and stacking of this buttery, French-style indulgence — the pancake’s thinner, more delicate cousin. It’s the perfect sweet treat to surprise a loved one with breakfast in bed. Serve with French vanilla whipped cream and salted, roasted pecans to make this simple dish decedent. Find the recipe here.

Bitesize Breakfast Trivia: One of soy’s strengths is its versatility. Incorporating more soy foods into your diet can provide high-quality protein, fiber, iron and various other nutrients to your meals.


Photo Credit: Iowa Turkey Federation

Italian Turkey Frittata | Iowa Turkey Federation

A breakfast frittata is an easy and delicious way to reach an optimal daily protein range (20-30 grams) that delivers appetite satisfaction and supports weight control. Pair it with protein-rich turkey and the last of the zucchini, carrots and fresh basil from your garden to boost the flavor, fiber and nutritional value even more. As a bonus, any leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator and reheated for a quick grab-and-go breakfast. Find the recipe here.

Bitesize Breakfast Trivia: There are many healthy reasons to make turkey part of your daily diet. Low in fat and rich in protein, turkey is also a good source of iron and B vitamins.


Photo Credit: Iowa Corn

Cheddar-Jalapeño Cornmeal Biscuits | Iowa Corn

If you’re looking for a fun breakfast accompaniment, you’ll love these gritty cornmeal biscuits flavored with cheddar cheese and spicy jalapeños. While they might not be your average breakfast pastry, you won’t want to miss this savory snack brushed with buttermilk, topped with cheese and baked until golden brown. For the best biscuit-baking results, remember to keep your ingredients cold until combined, and try not to overwork the dough. Find the recipe here.

Bitesize Breakfast Trivia: In Iowa, some farmers begin harvesting corn by mid-September; however, harvest times can vary a great deal due to weather and because different corn hybrids take different lengths of time to mature.