Get to KNow Iowa Farmers

From planting sprawling fields to selling fresh produce at farmers’ markets, Iowa farmers have one goal in mind: to provide nutritious and safe food. Farmers make a living from the land and their livestock, which is exactly why they provide the best possible care for both. Farmers breathe the same air, drink the same water, and eat the same meat, eggs, dairy and grains as you. 

Iowa farm families hold valuable insights and perspectives that can help you make informed decisions about your food choices. Download a copy of our ag facts booklet for a fun perspective on the work Iowa farmers do to feed their families, neighbors and people around the world.

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Did you know most soybeans grown in Iowa are processed into feed for livestock like pigs, poultry and dairy cows?


Across Iowa, farmers are leading the way in innovation, conservation and food production. Read the profiles below to see the hard work, dedication and passion they put into providing wholesome food. Have a question about farming? Complete this form and we'll get your question answered by an Iowa farmer