Tim Graber

About Tim Graber

Tim is a turkey farmer in Washington County, near Wayland. He and his wife, Lisa, raise their four children on the farm. 

Tim grew got his start as a farmer working on his family's farm with his dad, uncle and grandpa. They had row crops, cattle, hogs and turkeys. He quickly knew he wanted to have his own turkey farm, and in 2007, he had the opportunity to buy his neighbor’s farm when his neighbor's children didn't have an interest in taking over the farm.

Turkeys arrive on the farm as early as one day old. They grow from one ounce to 40 pounds during the 19 weeks they are on the farm. Turkeys naturally grow quickly and reach market weight without the use of hormones or antibiotic supplements. 

“We get the turkeys off to a good start and it takes a lot of work and time, but if you put the extra effort in, it really pays off in the end,” says Tim Graber during Expedition Farm Country 2017, when 40 Iowans visited the family's turkey farm.

Once the turkeys have reached market weight, the turkeys are sent to West Liberty Foods, a farmer-owned processing plant and the No. 1 supplier of turkey meat to Subway.

Beyond raising turkeys, Tim is also part owner of the local feed mill, which is entirely farmer-owned. The Grabers bought the mill to focus on quality as they feed their turkeys high-quality pellets. 

Additionally, he grows about 130 acres of corn and soybean crops.