Anita McVey

About Anita McVey

Anita shares her love of cooking and original recipes through the Iowa Food & Family Project. Anita is the creator of Picnic Life Foodie, a blog that shares simple ideas and recipes that encourage people to share food in a casual but meaningful way. 

Anita grew up on a farm in Northwest Iowa. She grew up with a strong connection to food. From farm to table, her family enjoyed meals that included the pork, chicken, vegetables, dairy and eggs produced right on their farm.

Anita lives in Waukee with her husband, and has two grown sons. Beyond blogging and creating new recipes, she enjoys going on “foodventures” around the state, nation and world. 

“Having lived in Ames and Waukee for the past 30 years, I miss our family farm. I visit often but I miss living on a farm. When I first learned about the Iowa Food & Family Project, I felt a connection to their mission and have had great opportunities to volunteer and participate in their programs. Now, as a contributor to the Fresh Pickings newsletter, I write stories and recipes that feature the food of our great state through the lessons I was taught in a farm kitchen," she says.

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