Fresh Pickings

Fresh Pickings magazine celebrates the incredible food, farms and families that make Iowa a special place to live.

In this issue, meet two neighbors with a love of conservation and farming, explore the wonderful world of dairy, discover unique she sheds and meet a high school student who is passionate about weather forecasting. Plus, discover a unique agrihood, learn about Cargill’s efforts to make the farm-to-consumer connection, explore an eastern Iowa theme park, find recipes to share and make with kids and more!

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Publication Details

Fresh Pickings is brought to you by the Iowa Food & Family Project. The magazine inspires readers to explore how food is grown and raised around the state and meet the farmers who make it happen — 24/7, 365 days a year.

The publication is offered on a quarterly basis.

You can find a digital version of the magazine here.

Free print copies of the magazine are available at Iowa-based Earl May Garden Centers and upcoming Iowa Food & Family Project events (while supplies last). If you’d like a copy sent directly to your mailbox, complete this form to request a free mailed subscription.

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